If you’re planning on getting your yard redesigned and you have ideas in mind for the landscaping, it’s always a great idea to put that plan on paper.  Since you already have a design in mind and you don’t know how to start off your sketch, it’s always a good idea to draw out the topographical map of the area and then add the rough sketched of the concept that you would want to happen. 

This rough sketch would then be the basis of your landscaping contractor for the design you would want with your area.  

First, you should start with the basics. Survey the area and the dimensions of each side and number it down to smaller figures so that you can sketch a miniature clear area you can work on. Second, you will need to plot in the positioning of features that are already fixed. Like the pond, driveways or walkways, houses, buildings, trees, entrances, and the like. Also, factor in a compass so that you would know how to pattern the shadowing of the features.  

Next, you will need to be creative and play with the area. With this, you can be as resourceful as you want. You can use tracing paper as overlays and do concepts on different layers of the papers. You can also do multiple electronic copies that will be allowing you to try different paths, proportions and compositions.  

Once you’re done conceptualizing and you finally feel like this is the right amount of everything you want on the landscape, you should get another paper to sketch on and put it all together.  This is where you color the black and white sketch. You can better visualize the area with the colors and if you mix and match them correctly, if it feels wrong you go back to the bone. In this part you will do a lot of visualizing and revisions but that’s normal. It’s like how you see a final painting, you are looking at it and how it lacks something, how it’s too much of something, the texture, the shape and colors, does it match? Should you add in pastel or should you go for bolder colors? There will be a lot of revisions.  


Usually plans like these use symbols in the sketch to indicate what is a plant, a hardscape material, fixed features, architectural features like houses and buildings and trees. They are simple enough not to be confused with something else.  

After this, you have a final draft of your landscape idea, you would want professionals that will not disappoint. Landscape Contractors Surrey have designers, architects and people who are very knowledgeable in this type of trade. In their years of experience, they also are knowledgeable with horticulture and use CAD software to design and build projects. They would be able to give you the advice on what would be best for your landscape and how to cut costs with the right materials. You will have one of the best landscape contractor hand in hand with you, working on this project.