A well-polished floor contributes to the overall appearance of any establishment. No matter what kind of material you use for your floors, you can restore its looks and give them a shiny finish using some polisher and equipment and a bit of manual labor when your floor is worn and not shiny because of heavy foot traffic from visitors, family members, and pets.

Floor cleaning is somehow a technical task, you must first analyze what causes your floor to be dirty, the types of stains and the medium that gets deposited in your floor that sometimes you don’t know. In order for you to clean effectively, you must know elements before applying certain chemical for easy cleaning.


Floor polishing is one way to make our cleaning easy and effective. Different types of floor require a certain procedure in cleaning.

  • Wood – It is recommended to polish your hardwood floor every 2 to 4 months depending on traffic and wear. For effective result, choose a polishing product designed for wood. Put it directly on the floor and spread it on the floor using a mop, wait for it to dry before polishing your floor.
  • Marble, Granite and Stone – Polish marble and other types of stone with drill or grinder loaded with silicon-carbide pads starting it with low-grit going to high-grit. Constantly move your grinder to prevent damage in a certain area. Use 1000 grits or higher for greater shine.
  • Concrete – For the concrete floor, use grinder equipped with metal diamond pads, and run it across the floor. Don’t stay on the same surface, move constantly, use low-grit for a start going to high-grit. For a smooth result, use higher up to 3000 grits.
  • Ceramic Tile-Ceramic tile has a polishing compound intended for ceramics. More or less you will need about 1 pound for every 140 square feet. Just apply the polish to the floor and use a buffer set to around 175 rpm.
  • Resilient Flooring – On linoleum, vinyl or any other resilient floor surfaces, use a cleaner which is designed for these materials such as water-based acrylic polish and mop the polish on the floor or you can use a spray bottle and spray it little by little as you buffer the floor with a floor
  • Laminate – Floor polishing products are not designed for laminate. Just use a broom or a vacuum to remove dirt and mop the floor.

When do you need a floor polisher? 

floor polishing melbourne are often called to clean and polish after construction work of new property that has been completely finished. For homeowners who only want is to have a shiny floor, floor polishing will make the standard of interior decoration high within a room and most people consider shiny floor to be a qualification.

Floor polishing plays a significant part in home staging or improving your house. Well, in fact, your house or your property will need to stand out from the rest of its league in nowadays saturated market in order to sell fast.