A tree can add a special touch of elegance to your lawn. It improves the surroundings with life and natural colors. However, trees will die at some point, like any living thing.

Usually, this does not occur overnight. The reason for this is that some trees are able to live for more than 100 years. However, external elements can dramatically shorten the lifespan of a tree. This includes decay, disease, and pests. This gives the tree a premature death.

Whenever this happens, the dead tree might present a serious threat to your family and property. That’s why you have to hire an arborist in Harrisburg right away.

What Happens Whenever a Tree Dies?

You have to first know what happens to your tree whenever it dies to better know the risks of having a dead tree on your lawn.

On almost every occasion, a dead tree will become brittle and dry. The reason for this is that it lacks the nutrients and moisture. Living trees absorb nutrients and moisture through the ground with the help of feeder roots. The roots absorb moisture and deliver them up the tree. This keeps the tree healthy and hydrated.

However, dead trees do not have this ability. Thus, they’ve got the tendency to become brittle, dry, and vulnerable to breakage.

Tree Falling Over

If you’ve got a dead tree, the whole tree might fall over, aside from the limbs breaking and falling off. It can present a risk to both your family and your property. This depends on where the tree is placed. Because of this, it is vital that you monitor your tree regularly. You have to always search for indications of your tree being dead.

Here are a couple of indications of a dead tree:

  • An infestation of wood-boring pests
  • Huge crevices and cracks in the trunk
  • Broken limbs
  • Discolored leaves
  • Bark peeled away

Falling Branches

One of the most popular risks related to dead trees is the possibility of falling branches. There is less structural integrity and weight holding the branches in place since the interior of the tree is brittle and dry.

Because of this, even the slightest gusts of wind might cause a branch to break off. This places any person under the tree at risk for injury. Also, even gravity might cause branches to break off as time progresses.

How to Deal with a Dead Tree?

First of all, a tree removal job is not a DIY project. You shouldn’t try to get rid of a dead tree without the help of an expert. You are only increasing the chance of harming someone or damaging your property if you do the job yourself without any tools. An expert tree removal company will come to examine the tree and provide the service needed to get rid of the tree.

If you don’t want your tree to die early, proper tree care is required. Hiring an arborist can help you a lot to maintain the health of your tree. It’s a well-worth investment.