There are many good reasons why one should consider in home health care for their ill, aging, or disabled family member. Such a service provides for the daily needs of your loved ones so that they can somewhat maintain their quality of life.  

The average cost of this in-home health care is over a hundred dollars, as the job entails a 40-hour work shift, sometimes even more. These professionals can help with bathing, toileting, dressing, and other chores such as grocery shopping, bills payment, and laundry. But mostly, they do the following tasks: 

  1. Medication management

It’s usual for somebody who needs in-home health care to have multiple prescriptions, and this can be very confusing to manage for elderly individualsWith health care professionals always at their side, you’re sure that can their taking the right medications at the right time. This is important so as to prevent harmful health conditions and drug interactions. 

  1. Companionship

More than anything, these professionals can serve as a companion for your loved onePeople who are sick and aging need social interaction to stay healthy longerThis is why patients tend to become really good friends with their health aides. The professional isn’t just there for medical reasons but also to serve as a friend, who they can count in for walks, card games, reading, watching movies, eating meals, and doing other social activities. They can also be their companions when doing errands or going to medical appointments. 

  1. Household help

One of the advantages of having a health care professional in your home is that they can also help with simple household chores. This is usually why you need to hire skilled and non-skilled caregivers. Skilled caregivers mainly provide nursing and ambulatory care while non-skilled caregivers do the housework, like washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and vacuuming the floor, among others.  

  1. Help maintain the patient’s health

With in-home health care providers around, patients are well-taken care of. As a matter of fact, they usually do better than what you could have done. Those that are cared for by health professionals at home suffer from lesser complications than those that aren’t. This is true for patients suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, pneumonia, and COPD. 

  1. Personalized support 

The services of in-home health care professional are more personalized, which means that it is more meaningful and fruitful. It is a unique, one-on-one service that leads to fostering strong bonds between the professional and the patient. Because patients are more trusting to these professionals than in a hospital setup, they tend to recover much faster.   

Is In-Home Health Care Expensive?  

While it seems expensive to take advantage of in-home health care, it is still more affordable than hospital care. Hospital care can amount to more than $500 per day while in-home health care usually doesn’t cost more than $150 dollars. 

It’s the best alternative to families who can’t afford hospital care but they can’t also care for their family member full-time. Hiring these professionals is essential as they can give you a hand with all the chores so you can still take a job, enjoy your life, and live with peace of mind.